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Contemplating the Role of History in Contemporary Singapore
Studio Tutor: Teh Joo Heng

“An Important Bathhouse” is a project that contemplates the role of history in contemporary Singapore, in light of the Bicentennial Celebrations 2019. Situated along River Valley Road, it sits on the site between the historic Fort Canning Hill and the Clarke Quay entertainment area, the two sites serving as metaphors to the binary of history and contemporary.

On the surface, the architecture is a manifestation of an idealised relationship between history and contemporary. It houses public baths in sculptures educating the historical importance of water to Fort Canning, which support a private spa/night club above, as an extension of the nightlife district.

What lies underneath that harmonious image is an exploitation of the sculptural space, in actuality positioned as service spaces, serving the indifferent, profitable programs floating over the ground below.

final boards layout 0416-02.jpg
final boards layout 0416-03.jpg
final boards layout 0416-01.jpg
final boards layout 0416-05.jpg
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